Volume 5, 2007
Special Issue “Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media (MRPM8)”

An editorial and a selection of papers presented at the Eighth International Bologna Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media, 10-14 September 2006, University of Bologna, Italy.

Editorial: Special Issue "Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media (MRPM8)"
Paola Fantazzini, Farida Grinberg, Jörg Kärger
URL:, p 1

Multiple Correlation Function Approach: Rigorous Results for Simple Geometries
D. S. Grebenkov
URL:, pp 1-34

27Al NMR/MRI Studies of the Transport of Granular Al2O3
Igor V. Koptyug, Anna A. Lysova, Alexey V. Khomichev, Renad Z. Sagdeev
URL:, pp 1-7

Analytical Solution for the Time Dependent Self-Diffusion Coefficient of a Liquid in a Porous Medium
Valentin Loskutov, Vyacheslav Sevriugin
URL:, pp 1-5

Absolute Pore Size Distributions from NMR
G.H. Sørland, K. Djurhuus, H. C. Widerøe, J.R. Lien, and A. Skauge
URL:, pp 1-15

Water Self-Diffusion Studies in Complex Materials with Fast-Relaxing Components: Static and Pulsed Field Methods Revisited
Achim Gädke, Karen Friedemann, Petrik Galvosas, Frank Stallmach, Jörg Kärger, Nikolaus Nestle
URL:, pp 1-16

DAMARIS – A Flexible and Open Software Platform for NMR Spectrometer Control
Achim Gädke, Markus Rosenstihl, Christopher Schmitt, Holger Stork, Nikolaus Nestle
URL:, pp 1-9

Long-Term Observation of Adsorbed Heavy Metal Ions in Sediment Samples by MRI
Nikolaus Nestle, Martin Ebert, Arthur Wunderlich, Thomas Baumann
URL: pp 1-19

Exploring the Influence of the Surface Resistance of Nanoporous Particles on Molecular Transport
M. Krutyeva, S. Vasenkov, J. Kärger
URL:, pp 1-6

Vapor Contribution to the Time Dependence of the Effective Diffusion Coefficient in Partially Filled Porous Glasses
Germán Farrher, Ioan Ardelean, Rainer Kimmich
URL:, pp 1-9