Volume 38, 2023
Special Issue "Diffusion Fundamentals X"

Poster abstracts submitted

Diffusion of humans out of Africa and the phonemic diversity cline
Joaquim Pérez-Losada, Joaquim Fort
URL:, pp 1-2

Observable negative diffusion in two-component systems with exchange
Vladimir V. Palyulin1, Aleksander A. Kurilovich2, Vladimir N. Mantsevich, Aleksei V. Chechkin
URL:, p 1

Confinement effects on distribution and transport of neutral solutes in a small hydrophobic nanopore
Nicole Trebel*, Alexandra Höltzel, Ulrich Tallarek
URL:, pp 1-2

Molecular dynamics simulation on self-diffusion coefficients of CO2 in substituted amines
Qu Chen, Yanping Tang, Xiaojuan Ji
URL:, p 1

Topology of WC/Co interfaces in cemented carbides
Boris Straumal, David Kagramanyan, Elisaveta Konstantinova, Alexei Nekrasov, Alexandr Druzhinin, Lev Shchur
URL:, pp 1-2

Diffusion and adsorption of 2-methylpentane and 3-methylpentane in silicalite-1 crystals
Patricia Seidel, Kaihang Shi, Christian Chmelik, Michael Goepel, Randall Snurr, Jörg Kärger, Roger Gläser
URL:, pp 1-2

The effect of the surface patterning by ion beam irradiation on the Ag directional outflow in Ag/AlN nano-multilayers
Boris Straumal1, Alexander Druzhinin, Claudia Cancellieri, Natalia Khrapova1, Andrey Mazilkin, J. Janczak-Rusch
URL:, pp 1-2

Influence of heat treatment and high-pressure torsion on phase transformations in TiZrHfMoCr high-entropy alloy
Boris Straumal, Alena Gornakova, Alexei Kuzmin, Alexander Tyurin, Alexander Druzhinin, Natalia Afonikova and Gregory Davdian
URL:, pp 1-2

Features of high-temperature structure evolution in the ZEK100 magnesium alloy
Boris Straumal, Natalia Khrapova, Valerii Orlov, Alexander Druzhinin, and Gregory Davdian
URL:, pp 1-2