Volume 31, 2019
Special Issue "Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media (MRPM 14)"

A conference summary and two papers presented at the 14th International Bologna Conference Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media (MRPM 14), February 2018, Gainesville, FL, USA

Conferenve Summary: Advancements in Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media
Clifford R. Bowers, Sergey Vasenkov
URL:, pp 1-2

Determining the Pore Size Distribution in Synthetic and Building Materials Using 1D NMR
Sarah Mandy Nagel, Christoph Strangfeld, Sabine Kruschwitz
URL:, pp 1-12

Using Diffusion-Diffusion Exchange Spectroscopy to observe diffusion exchange in yeast
James O. Breen-Norris, Bernard Siow, Ben Hipwell, Thomas Roberts, Mark F. Lythgoe, Andrada Ianus,
Daniel C. Alexander, Simon Walker-Samuel

URL:, pp 1-5