Volume 29, 2017
Special Issue "Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media (MRPM 13)"

An editorial and a selection of papers presented at the 13th International Bologna Conference Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media (MRPM 13), September 2016, Bologna, Italy

Editorial: Special Issue "Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media (MRPM 13)"
C. Arns, I. Shikhov, W. Bortolotti
URL:, pp 1-2

Hardware and Software for Embedded Compact Broadband Low Field NMR spectrometers (ECBLFNMR)
A. Louis-Joseph, A. Nauton, D. Coupvent-Desgravier, J.-P. Korb
URL:, pp 1-6

What are, and what are not, Inverse Laplace Transforms
E.J. Fordham, L. Venkataramanan, J. Mitchell, A. Valori
URL:, pp 1-8

Measurement of NMR flow propagators and local numerical analysis of dual scale porous media
Y. Zheng, I. Shikhov, M.N. d'Eurydice, C. Arns
URL:, pp 1-7

FID NMR Studies of Suspensions and Porous Media
O. Kishenkov, L. Menshikov, A. Maximychev
URL:, pp 1-6

Tortuosity estimate through paramagnetic gas diffusion in rock saturated with two fluids using T2(z, t) low-field NMR
I. Shikhov and Ch.H. Arns
URL:, pp 1-7

Structural Characterisation of Hierarchically Porous Silica Monolith by NMR Cryo-porometry and -diffusometry
S. Hwang, R. Valiullin, J. Haase, B.M. Smarsly, A. Bunde, J. Kärger
URL:, pp 1-7

Characterizing Interactions of Ionic Liquid Based Electrolytes with Electrospun Gas Diffusion Electrode Frameworks by 1H PFG NMR
S. Merz, P. Jakes, H. Tempel, H. Weinrich, Hans Kungl, R.-A. Eichel, J. Granwehr
URL:, pp 1-6

High Temperature Fast Field Cycling Study of Crude Oil
A. Lozovoi, M. Hurlimann, R. Kausik, S. Stapf, C. Mattea
URL:, pp 1-4