Volume 23, 2015,
Special Issue on reports from the Saxon Research Unit
FOR 877 "From Local Constraints to Macroscopic Transport"

A selection of major achievements attained within the different projects

Project P1 - Hot Brownian motion:
Hot Brownian motion and photophoretic self-propulsion
R. Schachoff, M. Selmke, A. Bregulla, F. Cichos, D. Rings, D. Chakraborty, K. Kroy, K. Günther, A. Henning-Knechtel, E. Sperling, M. Mertig
URL:, pp 1-19

Project P2 - Static and dynamic properties of DNA-based polymer structures under constraints and confinement:
DNA under confinement and the use of DNA as confinement
H. Brutzer, E. Sperling, K. Günther, J. Dikic, F. Schwarz, D. Klaue, F. Cichos, M. Mertig, R. Seidel
URL:, pp 1-16

Project P4 - Driven diffusion in nanoscaled materials:
Driven diffusion in nanoscaled materials
T. Albers, M. Bauer, C. von Borczyskowski, F. Gerlach, M. Heidernätsch, J. Kärger, D. Kondrashova, G. Radons, S. Schubert, A. Shakhov, D. Täuber, R. Valiullin, P. Zeigermann
URL:, pp 1-25

Project P5 - Diffusion and conformational dynamics in locally perturbed model membrane systems:
Diffusion and conformational dynamics in locally perturbed model membrane systems
E.P. Petrov, P. Schwille
URL:, pp 1-17

Project P6 - Generation of directed motion: Hot random steps in cytoskeletal systems can lead to processive movement:
Motor-free force generation in biological systems
J. Schnauß, M. Glaser, C. Schuldt, T. Golde, T. Händler, S. Schmidt, S. Diez, J. Käs
URL:, pp 1-15

Project P7 - Electric field driven motion of single polyelectrolyte grafted colloids:
Electrophoresis and electroosmosis as determined on the level of a single isolated colloid by use of optical tweezers
I. Semenov, F. Kremer
URL:, pp 1-6

Project P9 - Polymer conformations and diffusive transport in disordered environments:
Polymers in disordered environments
N. Fricke, S. Sturm, M. Lämmel, S. Schöbl, K. Kroy, W. Janke
URL:, pp 1-12