Volume 17, 2012

Quantitative Recovery Ordered (Q-ROSY) and Diffusion Ordered Spectroscopy using the Spoiler Recovery Approach
Henrik Walbye Anthonsen, Geir Humborstad Sørland, Klaus Zick, Johan Sjöblom and Sébastien Simon
URL:, pp 1-12

Volume interdiffusion coefficient and uncertainty assessment for polycrystalline materials
J. Léchelle, S. Noyau, L. Aufore, A. Arredondo, F. Audubert
URL:, pp 1-39

Dynamics of Rouse polymers in Maxwell fluids
Jana Tothova, Vladimir Lisy
URL:, pp 1-10

Calculation of parameter of Ashcroft’s potential using vacancy formation energy for bcc metals like Cr, Mo, W, V, Nb, Ta, Tl, Eu and Zr
A. Ghorai, T. Choudhury, Arjun Das, R. Dey, and S. Ganguly
URL:, pp 1-11