Volume 1, 2005

Jörg Kärger, Paul Heitjans, Farida Grinberg, Gunter Schütz
URL:, p 1

Oxygen Diffusion through Perovskite Membranes
Haihui Wang, Weishen Yang, Cristina Tablet and Jürgen Caro
URL:, pp 1-17

PFG NMR Measurements of Tortuosity Factors for Diffusion in Meso- and Macropores of FCC Catalysts
Sergey Vasenkov and Pavel Kortunov
URL:, pp 1-11

Formation Mechanism of Plateau, Rapid Fall and Tail in Phosphorus Diffusion Profile in Silicon Based on the Pair Diffusion Models of Vacancy Mechanism and Interstitial Mechanism
Masayuki Yoshida, Masami Morooka, Shuji Tanaka and Manabu Takahashi
URL:, pp 1-17

Molecular Traffic Control in a 3D Network of Single File Channels and
fast Reactivity

Andreas Brzank, Sungchul Kwon and Gunter Schütz
URL:, pp 4-11

The Benefit of Microscopic Measuring Techniques for Unveiling Structure-Mobility Relations in Molecular Diffusion under Confinement
Jörg Kärger
URL:, pp 1-107